The Artist

Soul-Songwritter, Poet, Cultural Community worker, Educator, Tai Chi practitioner and father, Jonathan "Santos" is an artist of many forms.

Originally born in the big apple, NYC with family ancestry out of the Mississippi Delta and Puerto Rico. Jonathan Santos grew up  between the US and Japan, traveling throughout China, Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, and settling in the South Eastern U.S to hone his craft and further education at North Carolina A&T State University, a Historically Black College University, where he earned his BA in Political Science. He has been performing throughout grassroots networks throughout the South East U.S. for the past 10 years.

From his experience and study, "Santos" as he is casually known, has a passion for and genuine insight into the complexities of the social construct of race, culture, and privilege as they play out in communities here in the U.S. As an artist committed to creating works of inspiration and awareness around social, intra-personal, and environmental justice, Santos reminds us to always start with self with his mantra and latest CD tittle "I'm Changing the World, by Changing Me"! Putting his philosophy to practice, Santos works through a vehicle of his creation; GlocalSoul Edutainment- an outreach effort aimed at bridging the power of music and performance with education around self empowerment, social justice, Community building, and Wellness.

Based in Asheville since 2010, he currently has residencies at local Middle schools, High Schools and community centers empowering students to sharpen their critical thinking, creative writing and self expression through the Lyrics to Life: Poetry Rhyme, and Song series.Santos is also a Sifu-instructor and lifelong beginner of Tai Chi Chi Gung which encompasses meditation and other movement arts creating the positive and healing energy that is present in his performances and outreach projects. He shares his skills through youth Gung Fu classes as well.

"My current focus is doing work within the African American community, to bring awareness of the systemic affects of Institutionalized racism, and seeking solutions in creating empowerment and healing for the youth of the next generation. Being raised in a multicultural context with an African American root, I sincerely hope to share insight and create pathways for young African Americans to join the world table and define themselves in a positive local and global context, often contrary to what is portrayed by the media. Cultivating a more conscious community worldwide, one sincere seed at a time, "I'm Changing the World, by Changing Me!"